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Innovative Programmes

The prime objective of Innovative Programs is to transform a child by fostering skills which will help him/her build an own identity through good attitudes and values, manage emotions, build relationships, resist peer pressure, create safer life situations, incorporate positive behaviour and lead a healthy and productive life.

Value Education Programme

  • To promote positive and purposeful living for the student community with the help of values to guide and inform their behavior
  • To offer a new way of thinking about education and establish how children and young people can be supportive in developing a successful society by bringing change within themselves
  • To promote integration of values in classroom teaching and learning practices
  • To create a safe, caring school climate, which is conducive to quality learning

Life Skills Programme

  • To promote the development of generic skills in relation to everyday life
  • To promote mental well being, healthy interaction and behavior in adolescents
  • To provide students with opportunities to enhance their psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills that will help them make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathise with others, and manage their lives in a healthy and productive manner
  • To mitigate high risk behaviour
  • To empower youth to act responsibly, take initiative and take control

Student Wellness Programme

  • To educate students about the need to take responsibility for their health as individuals
  • To create awareness about the roles they can take up in their communities with regard to sensitization

Gender Sensitivity Programme

  • To sensitise students the systemic discrimination, denial of opportunities, violence and oppression that takes place based on gender
  • To sensitise students regarding equality
  • To introspect and evaluate their own beliefs and practices based on gender

D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read)

  • To inculcate in students a life-long love for reading
  • To provide opportunity for students to develop reading habits by picking books of their choice which reflect their interest
  • To provide opportunities for guided reading with the help of facilitator
  • To provide opportunities for readers to exhibit their thoughts about books through written book reviews

Community Outreach

  • Led by the Edify Community & Outreach Club, the Interact Club, the Community-Activity-Service Programme and the students
  • An integral part of most of our learning experiences and engagements
  • Involves leading awareness campaigns, visits to old age homes, orphanages, deaf and mute centers, eco-sustainability drives etc
  • Students learn the importance of developing the spirit of giving back to society
  • Develop leadership, resilience, empathy and service-mindedness in students
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