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Early Years Foundation programme ( Playgroup)

‘Incubating the lights of tomorrow’

Child-centric, Thematic, Fluid, Sequential, Experiential, Inclusive and Integrated Curriculum at Edify International Foundation Year Programme

The Early Years Foundation programme (EYFP) at EISP is an inspired approach which comprises of the Reception Year/ Playgroup and the Nursery. The EYFP Curriculum guides the learning and teaching process and helps us to establish an optimum learning environment in our classes. We at Edify International School believe that in order to engage young children constructively, bring about impactful growth and make positive contributions to their overall development, students must be healthy, secure and safe. We recognize these needs and understand their importance in the development of happy students in an enjoyable, encouraging and stimulating atmosphere. Our learning environment combines high standards with a broad and rich curriculum. Play underpins all development and learning for young children. Most children play spontaneously and it is through play that they develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally. We use a variety of play-based and structured activities that help in striking a fine balance between both teacher- led and student-initiated play. Cultural awareness and true internationalism lie at the heart of Edify School’s core vision and we uphold this philosophy through our language programme. Understanding a language gives us a deeper understanding of it and respect for its culture. An international, multilingual environment therefore helps children develop effective communication tools - a must in today's international world. Our emphasis on languages helps make Edify International School internationally-relevant, enabling students to graduate into any school and any curriculum in the world. It also helps us deliver a contemporary education experience in terms of the age in which we're living; our language philosophy lays strong foundations that children can build on to help them meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

There are 3 prime areas and 4 specific areas of learning in the Foundation Stage framework curriculum.

Prime areas

  1. PSED – Personal, Social, Emotional Development
    • Making relationships.
    • Self-confidence and self-awareness.
    • Managing feelings and behaviors.
  2. CL – Communication and Language
    • Listening and attention.
    • Understanding.
    • Speaking.
  3. PD – Physical Development
    • Moving and handling.
    • Health and self-care.

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)

Club ECAs are a vital part of our learning environment and our students are encouraged to take part in a broad range of activities offered. This includes afternoon activities in Music, Movement, Maths Club, Messy Play Club, , Drama and Antics, , Handicraft, Musical Instruments ,Dance, Well-being Club, Cold Cooking and Arts.


  1. L – Literacy
    • Reading.
    • Writing.
  2. M – Mathematics
    • Numbers.
    • Shape, space and measures.
  3. UW – Understanding the World
    • People and communities.
    • The world.
    • Technology.
  4. EAD – Expressive Arts and Design
    • Exploring and using media and materials.
    • Being imaginative.

To support these areas, other aspects of learning are scheduled into the day. Students visit the library once a week and the computer laboratory for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) related activities twice a week. One session each for Games, PE and Dance is scheduled for Physical Development. Students also visit the music room twice every week to learn songs and play instruments.

The progress of each student is monitored through observations, work samples, photographs, e-portfolios and meetings with parents.

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